Linda Haysman

Costume Designer

Television Drama

An  anarchic romcom about two people who appear to be utterly wrong for each other – yet may just be utterly right.

For Sky Atlantic

6 x 30 mins

Director:Justin Martin
Producer:Chris Martin
Writer:David Ireland
Featuring:Johnny Flynn
Roisin Gallagher
Alice Eve
Prod Co:Drama Republic

Glossy drama about the power struggle within a company famed for its success in the Black hair and beauty industry.

For Amazon and ITV

4 x 50 mins

Director:Darcia Martin
Producer:Yvonne Francas
Exec Prod:Abby Ajayi
Featuring:Deborah Ayorinde
Hermione Norris
Prod Co:Green Acre Films

Series and feature length film about a pop star and his family who find their lives changed by the arrival of an 11 year old girl who claims to be his eldest daughter.

For SKY Cinema & SKY TV

1 x 90 mins
4 x 30 mins

Director:Ian Aryeh
Producer:Matt Tiller
Rufus Jones
Prod Co:Kindle Entertainment

Detective drama about two mismatched detectives who solve crimes in the historic city of Bath.


3 x 90 mins.

Directors:Alex Pillai
Rebecca Rycroft
Ian Aryeh
Producer:Sarah Lewis
Featuring:Jason Watkins
Tala Gouveia
Prod Co:Mammoth Screen Ltd

Popular drama series about a young girl’s new life in service as a house maid to a rich family. Set in 1890.


23 x 30 mins

Directors:Reza Moradi
Sallie Aprahamian
Ian Barnes
Producer:David Collier
Featuring:Isobel Clifton
Georgie Glen
Rhea Bailey
Chizzy Akudolu

A story about a day in the life of a dreamer.

For BBC Screen Two

Director:Danny Boyle
Producer:Colin Ludlow
Featuring:Paterson Joseph
Mark Strong
Mona Hammond
Prod Co:BBC (Screen Two)

Satirical film set in the Vietnam War.


Director:Steve Hilliker
Producer:Caroline Oulton
Featuring:Benedict Wong
Debora Weston
Toshie Ogura

‘Performance Play’ about émigrés in 1940s Los Angeles.


Director:Howard Davies
Producer:Simon Curtis
Featuring:Sir Alec Guinness
Jeremy Irons
Sinéad Cusack

Story about a POW veteran who revisits the place of his forced labour on the Bridge of the River Kwai. Set in Thailand.


Director:Stephen Walker
Producer:Andy Rowley
Featuring:John Hurt
Maurice Denham

Fast moving police drama Series

6 x 30 mins


Directors:Richard Standeven
Richard Laxton
Series Prod:Jo Wright
Exec Prod:Caroline Oulton
Featuring:John Hannah
Lennie James
Neil Dudgeon

Comedies and Comedy Drama

Sitcom about a family living in South East London.

6 parts


Director:Nick Wood
Producer:Steve McCrum
Carlton Dixon
Featuring:Robbie Gee
Jo Martin
Rudolph Walker
Mona Hammond

Sitcom about an African Dictator thrown out of his country and living in the UK.

7 parts

For Channel 4

Director:Jeremy Ancock
Producers:Mark Williams
William Burdett-Coutts

Comedy Drama about the exploits of a working-class family who live in Cheshire.

6 parts


Director:Malcolm Mowbray
Producer:Phil Partridge
Featuring:Bernard Hill
Brian Pringle

‘Black Adder’ type comedy pilot set on board an 18th century sailing galleon.


Director:Guy Freeman
ProducerMike Leggo
Featuring:Prunella Scales
Jonathan Hyde
Imelda Staunton


Sketch show.


Director:Guy Freeman
Producer:Guy Freeman
Featuring:Lenny Henry

Feature Film

A feature about a well known composer who is invited to become Head of Music at a university where his reckless past catches up with him with dire consequences.

Director:Gareth Jones
Producer:Fiona Howe
Featuring:Clare Grogan
Timothy West
Gareth Jones
Prod Co:Scenario Films

Period feature film set from the 1840’s-1890’s about the life of Maharajah Duleep Singh, the last Sikh king of the Punjab and his relationship with Queen Victoria.

Director:Kavi Raz
Producer:Jasjeet Singh
Featuring:Amanda Root
Jason Flemyng
Satinder Sataaj
Prod Co:MDS Films

1979: Election Night – A police interview room. Delroy’s pregnant wife has been found dead in a pool of blood and he is brought in as the chief suspect.

Director:Robert Heath
Writer:Barrie Keeffe
Producer:Oliver James Ledwith
Featuring:Ralph Brown
Clint Dyer
Rafe Spall
Prod Co:Thin Film Productions

Life, love and loss in a seedy motel near the Niagara Falls. Shot in Canada.

Director:Gary Yates
Producer:Bernie Zuckerman
Phyllis Laing
Featuring:Kevin Pollack
Anna Friel
Craig Ferguson
Prod Co:Muse Entertainment Enterprises

Social realism / ghost story A supernatural drama set against a Glaswegian backdrop of urban decay.

Director:Genevieve Joliffe
Producer:Chris Jones
Featuring:Jason Connery
James Cosmo
Billy Boyd
Nicola Stapleton
Prod Co:Living Spirit Pictures


Set in the 2000’s and the 1950’s. Touching story of a boy and old man coming to terms with bereavement through their shared love of fishing.

This short film has now won over 40 international awards, including the prestigious Producers Guild Of America Producer Challenge in 2009 and was shortlisted for the Oscars in the same year.

Director:Chris Jones
Featuring:Bill Paterson
Devon Murray
Prod Co:Living Spirit Pictures

A series of four linked films showing what happened when a family of four encounter the real Nativity family in the pool house at the end of their garden.

Director:Chris Jones
Producer:Judy Goldberg
Featuring:Anthony Joblin
Vanesa Bailey
Prod Co:Create 50 Ltd.

Film about a fated wireless operator in a far outpost in a totalitarian state.

Director:Teddy Wilkes
Producer:Mark Sutherland
Featuring:Roxy Dunn
Steven Dolton
Prod Co:Creative Hub Productions


Dystopian story about US President Nebuchadnezzar tightening his grip on absolute power with only Senate Member Daniel Alesso to stand in his way. Set in the near future.

Director:Teddy Wilkes
Producer:Mark Sutherland
Featuring:Paterson Joseph
Finbar Lynch
Prod Co:Creative Hub Productions


The opening sequence for this documentary celebrating the glamour of air travel in Africa in the 1930’s was filmed on the last airworthy Sunderland flying boat.

Prod/Dir:David Wallace
Presenter:Alexander Frater
Prod Co:BBC

Drama documentary for Arena about a spinster who buys a gorilla from a pet shop. Set in the 1920’s.

Prod/Dir:Nigel Finch
Featuring:Mary MacLeod
Prod Co:BBC